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Introduction to the Algae - Occurrence, Relationships, Nutrition, Definition, General FeaturesThe Roles of Algae in BiogeochemistryAlgae in Biotic AssociationsTechnological Applications of AlgaeAlgal Diversity and Relationships - Taxonomy, Systematics, and PhylogenyCyanobacteria (Chloroxybacteria)Endosymbiosis and the Origin of Eukaryotic Algae - With a Focus on Glaucophytes, Chlorarachniophytes, and ApicomplexansEuglenoidsCryptomonadsHaptophytesDinoflagellatesOchrophytes I - Introduction to the Ochrophytes and a Focus on DiatomsOchrophytes II - Raphidophyceans, Chrysophyceans, Synurophyceans, and EustigmatophyceansOchrophytes III - Pelagophyceans, Silicoflagellates, Pedinellids, and Related FormsOchrophytes IV - Chrysomeridaleans, Phaeothamniophyceans, Tribophyceans, and PhaeophyceansRed AlgaeGreen Algae I - Introduction and PrasinophyceansGreen Algae II -UlvophyceansGreen Algae III - TrebouxiophyceansGreen Algae IV -ChlorophyceansGreen Algae V - CharophyceansPhytoplankton Ecology - by Dr-James M-Graham Macroalgal and Periphyton Ecology

algae (ăl`jē) [plural of Lat. alga=seaweed], a large and diverse group of primarily aquatic plantlike organisms. These organisms were previously classified as a primitive subkingdom of the plant kingdom, the thallophytes thallophyte, common name for members of the Thallophyta (or Thallobionta), a taxonomic group in some archaic classification systems that comprised algae, fungi, and lichens.

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ALGAE | signification, définition dans le dictionnaire ... algae définition, signification, ce qu'est algae: 1. very simple, usually small plants that grow in or near water and do not have ordinary leaves or…. En savoir plus.

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Algae Basics - All About Algae Algae are simple plants that can range from the microscopic (microalgae), to large seaweeds (macroalgae), such as giant kelp more than one hundred feet in length. Microalgae include both cyanobacteria, (similar to bacteria, and formerly called “blue-green algae”) as well as green, brown and red algae. (There are more varieties of microalgae, but these are the main ones.) Algae can be grown

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What are all those little green plants covering your lake? It's more than just pond scum, it's algae! In this BrainPOP movie, Tim and Moby teach you all about ...

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Algal Research is an international phycology journal covering all areas of emerging technologies in algae biology, biomass production, cultivation, harvesting, extraction, bioproducts, biorefinery, engineering, and econometrics. Algae is defined to include cyanobacteria, microalgae, macroalgae, and protists and symbionts of interest in