When planning for a huge party or just chilling with some friends, the main objective is to create memories and have a great time. The last thing you need is to remember the broken plasma, the hole in the wall or the vomit stain on your carpet Ö

Some tips to having a great nightÖ

Idiot proof your house

Lock away items that can be broken or damaged like the LCD TV or family heirlooms. Donít forget about the things that can get stolen too like your iPod, mobile phone, camera, laptop etcÖ
these are things that can easily walk out of your home.

Food & Drink

You canít have party without having food & drinks! There are heaps of websites that can help you find great food and drink recipes. It doesnít have to be complicated it just has to be available. Food is also seriously important if you are serving alcohol. Food does not stop you or your guests from being intoxicated, but it does slow down the rate that alcohol is absorbed in the system. So be a good host and provide lots of food at different times during the night. Donít forget to also provide non-alcoholic drinks too, not everyone wants to be sloshed, someone may need to be sober enough to drive your guests home.

Also remember that if your guests are under 18 you canít serve them alcohol itís against the law. If you supply alcohol to, or obtain alcohol for, anyone under 18 itís a pretty hefty fine of $5500 or $11,000 and/or 12 months prison in aggravated circumstances. This law applies to anyone who provides alcohol to anyone under 18, even if you are under 18 your self!

Gatecrasher proof your house

Gatecrashers or unexpected guests disrupt you and your friends from having a great time, they eat all your food and finish all your drinks, they are also the biggest reason why youíll call the police - to get rid of them.

If you can, have some kind of security at the door that can discourage unwelcomed gatecrashers. Sometimes itís a good idea to hire professional security guards or organise responsible friends to be at the door to let only those invited in.

Notify Police of your event

Why you ask?? They will help you if and when things get out of control, especially when you have heaps of people turn up and you donít know what to do with them. Police will also:

  • advise your neighbours that you have notified Police about your party and it will be over at a nominated time.
  • call you on the phone and inform you of complaints instead of turning up
  • consider doing a drive by or walk through just to make sure things are alright.
  • help remove unwanted / unwelcome guests
  • help you if you need any other emergency service like the fire brigade or the ambulance.

Remember that most of the time police turn up because you will need them to, not because they want to shut down your party.


Think about how your friends are getting to and from the party or a night out. It makes sense that someone is the designated driver. Remember P plater drivers have a zero alcohol limit, thatís no alcohol at all.

And remember police now can randomly test drivers for all types of drugs.

In Case of an Emergency

In any medical emergency call an ambulance by dialling Triple Zero (000). If your friends have had too much to drink or have taken drugs and have passed out, this is a medical emergency and you should call Triple Zero (000).

The ambos are there to help, but you need to provide them with as much information as possible. You should tell them how much the person has drunk and/or the substances(s) that are affecting them. The ambulance officers do not have to call the police unless they are in danger themselves, someone dies, or there are other non-drug crimes such as violence or theft.

So thereís no reason not to call them if your friend drops.

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